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Dog Adventure

1 hour Adventure Walk

$37 per adventure

$50 for 2 dogs from the same home

We will pick your dog up in our fully crated van from your nominated address, grab some friends too and take your dog on a one hour adventure at one of our great spots around Dunedin. While on the walk, a lot of extra work is done with pack control and a range of different commands to ensure your dog is well behaved while having a great time! We will then drop them off home happy & ready for a rest.


Young Dog/Puppy
Online Starter Course

5 Week Online 

Basic Training Course

$65 for the 5 weeks

Can be purchased as a bulk order

OR received over a 5 week block.


Online Young Dog/Puppy Starter Course gives you all the information you need to get your dog off to the  best start possible!

Each week you will get an email containing a command to learn, fun tricks to try, enrichment activities, a chosen topic to read about for that week PLUS we also include Canine First Aid information so that you can be prepared should something happen to your dog!

All of this can be done in your own time - perfect for the new dog owners who cannot commit to an evening puppy course!

This course has been designed by Emma, a Qualified Canine Behaviourist and Canine First Aid Educator. 


Wedding Concierge

Have your dog at your big day!



Your dog is part of your family right? 

So it makes sense for them to be apart of your special day. We can help make this happen by picking your dog up on the day, getting them out for a walk, cleaning them up then bringing them along to your ceremony before dropping them back to where they will be spending the night.

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Canine First Aid Course




90min Workshop

on animal First Aid

Price on Booking

We all love our dogs. Learn how to care for them in emergencies by coming to our fun, interactive, first aid workshops. 


What you’ll learn in your first aid course

        Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

        Checking the pulse, what is normal for dogs

       Management of choking

        Management of heat stroke

       Wound management: ears, paws, tail

       Foreign body management (eye, stick impalement)

I am the Canine First Aid Educator for Dogwarts in Dunedin. We have regular workshops throughout the year, email me for dates or to register you interest.