Go Fetch! Dog Adventures

Dunedin's Premium Dog Adventure Company!

We specialise in pack adventures where the dogs are taught on and off leash manners, basic commands, pack behaviour and real world socialisation skills.

Your dog is picked up in our customised dog van along with a few other friends, taken for a one hour adventure at one of our incredible spots then cleaned up and dropped home happy & content.



At Go Fetch, we believe that a well exercised and stimulated dog is less mischievous, easier to train and happier when home alone. Emma is your dogs Adventure Specialist and with a Diploma in Canine Behaviour and mountains of experience, she is more than qualified to have your dog out and about. Check out what we offer and get in touch to discuss your dogs options!


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Week Day Adventures

1hr Adventures!

Not getting your pooch out as much as you would like? Let us help! We will pick your dog up, along with some other friends and take them on a 1 hour adventure. Emma does a lot of extra work while out, including pack control and command training. You can rest assured your dog is in the best hands and will be returned happy and ready for a rest!


Young Dog Visits

For your newest family member!

We only let dogs that are fully grown on our adventures but until they are ready, we can offer your young dog an individual 30-40 minute spot! Whether it's taking them on a small leash walk, working on obedience or teaching them some fun tricks, we will break up your young dogs day while you're at work.

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Canine First Aid

90min Canine First Aid  Course

Emma is the only Canine First Aid educator based in Dunedin. These 90min courses have been designed by a NZ Registered Vet and Doctor. Full of helpful information to be able to help your pet in an emergency, it is great for all owners and people that work in the canine industry. Find out more by clicking below!

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